ferrari 488 GT3 crash

Crashes are a typical sight at the infamous Nurburgring Norschlife circuit, and while a lot of its victims are unskilled chauffeurs, expert racers can just as quickly get captured out. At a current VLN Stamina Champion race, viewers saw the magnificent wreck of a Ferrari 488 GT3. While aiming to pass a 911 on the within line, chauffeur Georg Weiss misjudged the space, clipping the Porsche which sent out the 488 slamming into the nearby wall, destroying the bring front-end.

Enjoying the video footage, it appears the Porsche carried out a PIT maneuver to secure the Italian supercar, however the chauffeur of the 488 was plainly at fault as he didn’t leave enough space when choosing the overtake. The finest part occurs after the crash.